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Sustainability Circles connect you with a peer-community of like-minded business people, sustainability and utility experts, and resources that fuel learning, innovation, and results.

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Accelerate Sustainable Impact

Whether you’ve already embraced sustainability or are just getting started, we give you the knowledge, tools, resources, and support to create a customized Sustainability Action Plan for change.

Inspire Employee Engagement

Lasting value takes a committed employee community. We help you build engagement though leadership and the best of behavior change.

Empower Positive Change

We challenge you to think about your business in a different way. One that’s better for your bottom line and for the future.

What we do

True Market Solutions integrates the best of sustainability with behavior change to accelerate positive business impact. We do this through a unique program called Sustainability Circles™ that empowers you to embed sustainable practices throughout your organization.

What's in it for me?

A network of like-minded peers, sustainability initiatives, and resources to spur innovation.

A powerful Sustainability Action Plan to build a business case for ROI.

Tools, insights and support to inspire employee & stakeholder engagement.

Why Sustainability?

A demand storm is growing for businesses to implement more sustainable practices to up their financial performance, answer to increasing customer, stakeholder, and supply chain pressures, and improve the overall value of their business. Sustainability is no longer just an option — it’s a necessary business and organization strategy.

News & Insights

San Diego Sustainability Circle Successes: Moving from Plans to Reality

In November, 2013, seven San Diego-area companies embarked on a six-month journey of sustainability learning, interaction and idea generation. Together, these seven participants generated 176 sustainability initiatives or an average of 25 per company and a combined total of $3.5 million in projected annual savings. Here’s a look at what four of the participants have achieved toward these goals.

Sharks, Sloths and Humpback Whales: Lessons in Biomimicry

Biomimicry – the study of how flora and fauna address environmental challenges and their applications for human designs and processes – continues to gain influence in the business, scientific and design communities. It seems animals, plants and microbes have a lot to tell us about the development of environmentally pragmatic and economically viable products and services.

“The real highlight was the engagement we were able to create at Hunter with a broader involvement through the company…. The level of engagement will increase the pace of our progress.”

Ann Hunter-Welborn

Chair of the Board, Hunter Industries

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