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Sustainability Circles™

“We are saving about $200,000 annually due to the initiatives we have implemented. Attending the Sustainability Circles is actually giving us a different way of looking at things so we can continue to reduce our costs internally.”

Joe Santana, VP Operations, Mi Rancho Tortilla Factory

What is a Sustainability Circle?

True Market Solutions Sustainability Circles bring together people from diverse local organizations interested in engaging on the journey towards sustainability – learning how to embrace and embed sustainable business practices into their operations in order to improve their financial well-being and align with the economic, environmental and social future of our nation and world.

Sustainability Circles are a proven action oriented program for small to mid-sized businesses and divisions of major corporations. Results include improved energy and resource efficiency, improved profits and increased competitive edge by embracing and embedding sustainable business practices in business operations.

How the Program Works

  • Six monthly all-day meetings attended by two company representatives
  • Pre-Circle 1-on-1 coaching
  • Between meeting coaching with TMS coach
  • Build/enhance your Sustainability Team
  • Develop your customized Sustainability Action Plan


  • Improve your energy and resource efficiency
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Reduce risk and improve workplace safety
  • Engage employees and attract better talent
  • Build brand leadership by aligning yourself with the latest trends in sustainable innovation

Through partnerships with your utility provider, TMS is offering this high-impact program at a greatly reduced cost to you.

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True Market Solutions Sustainability Circles Core Curriculum

Operational Environment

Business Case for Sustainability
Carbon Footprint
Green Products & Services
Sustainability Strategy
Responsible Procurement
Green Accounting & Finance
Branding & Marketing
Utility Programs for Environmental Performance

Social Environment

Action Plan
Green Teams
Employee Engagement
Employee Health & Wellness
Stakeholder Engagement
Building the Innovation Culture
Gaining Management Buy-In
Sustainable Communities

Built Environment

Energy Management Roadmap
Building Envelope
Green Office Measures
Waste Reduction
Renewable Energy Options

Natural Environment

Closed Loop Systems
Climate Change & the Business Interface
Smart Transportation
Biomimicry Examples